Women’s Division 3 Volleyball Bristol 2 v Wessex LeAF

January 19, 2014 in Bristol, South West, Volleyball

Bristol 2 sit just above Wessex in the table, although at this point Wessex have played less games.

Wessex press for an early lead in the first set, the score 8-2 to the visitors in the opening minutes.


Bristol call a time out, and post discussion turn the tide showing some great hustle. Bristol 14, Wessex 11. Bristol were now settled, and were soaking up the pressure from Wessex. 18-15 Bristol.


Wessex had a formidable attack lead by No.9


Wessex serve long to make it 20-19 to Bristol. The home side increased their lead, with the ball hitting the Wessex side of the floor. 22-19 Bristol.



Both teams’ serve wobbled as the end of the first set closed in, the last mistake presenting set point to Bristol.

Bristol take the first set 25-23.


Bristol score the opening point of the second set, but their communication breaks down allowing to ball to land uncontested. 3-1 to Wessex.

The score levels at 4-4, with Wessesx showing back to back brilliance and errors. A great block, 5-4, a poor serve 5-5.

Bristol suffered their own service problems, the ball not crossing the net at 6-5.


Bristol are prompted to take a time out at 8-6 to Wessex. Wessex are turning up the offensive heat to make it 10-7 Wessex.

Wessex pull out a 14-8 lead, continuing to impose themselves on the match. Bristol seem hesitant, and talk it over at 16-9.


Bristol start to serve their way back into the match, 16-13, 17-16 Wessex.




The visitors dig their heels in illustrated by a great rally for 20-16. In addition to this pressure, Bristol have another breakdown in communication to let another easy ball slip by. 24-16 Wessex.


Wessex converted the opportunity and took the second set 25-19. One set each.

Bristol start the third set strong, racing to a 6-2 lead. Bristol were working hard on defence to make up for earlier efforts. 8-7 Bristol.


The local team got as far as 13-8 ahead before Wessex fought back to 14 all.


Once Wessex got their noses in front at 15-14, there was no catching them.


The scoreboard ticked over 18-16, 21-18 and a missed Bristol dig brought up set point for Wessex. 24-20. Bristol save two set points before serving into the net to hand Wessex the third set 25-22.



Wessex lead 2 sets to 1.

The fourth set was balanced in the opening, 8-7 to Bristol then 9-8 to Wessex.


Bristol were having to dig deep. Wessex 12, Bristol 8.


The Wessex No.9 was turning up the offense again sensing now was the time to put the game away. 15-11 Wessex. Bristol were throwing their bodies about, but a little too late. A missed diving dig by Bristol made the score 18-11 Wessex.




Wessex were now varying their attack and frustrating Bristol. 20-13 Wessex LeAF. The visitors wrapped up the fourth set 25-14, and were more together with a potent attack to take the match 3 sets to 1.



The day’s other results from the Filton venue:

Wessex LeAF vs New Forest Ladies; 0-3
New Forest Ladies vs Bristol 2; 3-1


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