Women’s Division 1 Volleyball Bristol 1 vs Surrey Orcas

February 22, 2014 in Audio, Bristol, Volleyball

Coming into this game Surrey are currently second in the league behind South Birmingham VC Ladies, Bristol 1 sit in fourth two points behind.

All images: Charlotte Munford

Bristol start well with an energetic attack 2-0, Surrey come back to make it 2-2. Surrey’s attack had some weight, making digs tough work for Bristol. 6-4 Surrey.



Surrey first real error came with a serve into the net for 7-5 Surrey. Bristol had a bit to discuss going into the time out when the score made 8-5.


9-5 Surrey, a low skimming serve was again too much to return. Bristol answer back with a fantastic block. 9-6.

11-6 Surrey, a great rally from both teams, 12-6 Bristol fail to react to the Surrey serve and get down too slowly.


13-9 Surrey were getting the run of the luck and were now pulling ahead, 15-9 Surrey. Bristol were sticking with it, but the shots continued to ping down from Surrey. 16-10 and a time out.


The game was high paced with 26 points being scored in the first 15 minutes of this match. 18-11 a dig goes out for Bristol and all of a sudden its 20-11 favouring Surrey.


Surrey were making very few mistakes on attack while handling Bristol’s offence with aplomb. 22-11 Surrey.

A great rally, but Bristol ran out of steam as again the dig came too late. 23-13. A double touch was called to make it 24-13.




With that the first set fell 25-13. The first set was played at a frenetic pace. Surrey came down from the Super 8 and their efficiency was evident.

Surrey lead 1 set to 0.

In the opening of the second set Surrey tuned up the heat on their blocking running out to a 10-5 lead quickly.



Another lengthy rally brought up 12-6 for Surrey, and sturdy defence 13-6. Bristol needed to find answer soon.


14-6 Surrey, and after what felt like an age Bristol notched up another point. This turned into a mini run which ended with Surrey putting a stop to it with another might spike. 15-9 Surrey.

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Bristol put a serve into the net, which against a team of Surrey’s caliber, you simply can’t do. 16-10 Surrey.

The visiting team seemed like a wall when it came to sending the ball back over the net. No matter what, the ball came back.

19-11 Surrey had a rare moment of poor communication to gift Bristol a point, but the home team would need many more at this stage.

22-11 Surrey. A long spike by Bristol made it 23 Surrey Orcas, 11 Bristol 1.

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Surrey served for the set at 24-11 but Bristol held off and were able to make it 24-14 by putting together a few points.


Surrey take the second set 25-14. Surrey lead 2 sets to 0.

Bristol open the third set with a bit of luck from the net 1-0. Surrey force their first point from a spike that trickles down the Bristol side of the net.

Bristol were holding their own, 4-3 to Bristol. It was taking a great deal of effort to stay in the points, but Bristol were happy to give what was needed.


5-5, 6-5 Bristol.

Bristol’s blocking came together and allowed a string of points to make it 8-5 to Bristol, then 10-5 Bristol. The home team was communicating better and the results were showing. 11-6 Bristol.

Surrey were making changes to strengthen the players on court, the visitors trying to stem the flow of points against them. 14-8 Bristol.

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Surrey put the ball into the net 15-8 and gave up another point to see the scoreboard read 16-8 Bristol.

_MG_7975 _MG_7976

A long serve made it 19-9 and now Surrey had the ball in their hands. 19-11 Bristol. The home team could see the finish line, but could they get there first in this third set.


20-12 Bristol, brought about by a great spike.

_MG_8062 _MG_8063

A simple setting error by Bristol made it 21-14, while a tricky scramble soon made it 21-15 to Bristol.


Bristol were holding their nerve and pushing towards taking the third set. 24-17.


24-19 and Bristol did what they needed to take the third set 25-19.


Surrey lead 2 sets to 1.

Surrey had great placement on their shots, able to find the corners most of the time 2-0 Surrey.


4-1 Surrey, great angled spike by Bristol.

_MG_8164 _MG_8165

Bristol’s Jo Zefron (No.1) sent down another towering spike helping the momentum that was keeping Bristol within touching distance of Surrey.

Now it had turned around. 8-5 to Bristol. Simply through great play.

_MG_8249 _MG_8250 _MG_8257

The home side’s confidence was growing as was their lead 11-6.


Surrey failed to convert a spike to make it 12-9 Bristol. Surrey decided to talk it over at 14-10, perhaps this was an opportunity for Bristol to remind themselves that they could get it done.

Surrey were able to bring it back to 14 all, then 15-14. They wanted to put this game away, but could Bristol stand in their way? 16-15 Surrey.

Surrey threw heavy spikes at the Bristol defence racking up 18 points to 15.


20-17 Surrey, who then made a great play for 21-17. An uncharacteristic error from the Bristol No.1 sent the ball long to make it 23-18

Surrey take the fourth set 25-18, and win 3 sets to 1.



Caroline and Jo vow next time, the result will be different!


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