Primal Games 2

May 5, 2013 in Audio, Crossfit, Plymouth, South West

Primal games proved popular again with 6 heats for all the 5 WODs. As expected this team crossfit event had grown from last year. The main difference this year was that there was only one final, with only the top 5 teams going on to contest the last work out of the day. Crossfit Plymouth had definitely upped the stakes.


WOD 1 consisted of 100 Hand release press ups, 100 wall ball sit ups, 100 pull ups, 100 synchro squats and for those that got that far, max kettlebell swings (24kg for men, 16kg for women), all with a 15 minuted time cap.



As 9:30 struck the first heat of WOD 1 got underway. This was a great opportunity for the other teams to see what to expect. The team squats proved to be the toughest element, sapping the strength and turning legs to jelly.


Smart teams were able to pull back time by doing as many of the squats as possible before taking a break.




After the first WOD North Devon were in first place, Galvanise 1, in second and Unit 6 1 in third. WOD 2 called on teams strategy with each burpee counting for 10 points in addition to the weight lifted from ground to overhead. Each athlete had 3 consecutive attempts. The format was 30 seconds for the burpees and to make the lift, then 30 seconds for rest where the team can amend the bar for their team mate.

30 second of work, 30 seconds of rest to adjust your weight and then two more consecutive attempts.



The burpees proved to be the deciding factor for some making their lifts, oxygen debt compromising their technique. North Devon posted a great score of 2110 to take WOD 2, while Crossfit Exeter 3 pushed them close with 2077.5 and Avon 3 taking third place with 2045.



WOD 3 was couplet of running and rowing. The run was 400 meters carrying a weight of 9kg for men and 6kg for women. Each member of the team had to do the run and the row at least once, and the score was the total distance run and rowed. This came with a 12 minute time cap.



As the temperature rose, the run became more of a challenge. Teams were adapting tactics on the fly to cope with the conditions. From the earlier heats Exeter 3 posted an impressive 6, 139 that was bested by North Devon 1 who registered 6, 155. North Devon 2 was 2nd in this WOD with 6, 189 and Unit 6 crushed it with 6, 322.




WOD 4 caused whispers of dread among the athletes. It required the teams to complete 50 thrusters (40kg for men and 30kg for women, 50 overhead squats, 50 power snatches and 50 snatches all of which had a 7 minute time cap. After the 7 minutes were up, the teams went straight into WOD 5 which was to do as many double unders as possible in 3 minutes. If you miss a double under, you go to the back of the queue in your team.


Overhead squats require a fair bit of coordination, which can cause a competitor to slow down.


The score to beat from the early heats was 177 reps by Exeter 3.

The teams went straight into maximum rep double unders with the top count from the early heats being 244 from Exeter 3. They were making inroads into North Devon 1’s lead.

Plymouth 4 beat that in a later heat with 275 double unders, but it was not enough to overhaul the score of Exeter 4 who recorded 302 double unders.


After the scores were totted up for the 5 WODs, the 5 teams that qualified for the final were:

5th, Galvanise 1
4th, Avon 3
3rd, North Devon 1
2nd, Plymouth 4
1st, Exeter 3

The final was announced, and looked brutal; 20 syncronised burpees, 40 meter overhead walking lunge (15kg for men and 10kg for women), 60 power cleans (60kg for men and 40kg for women), 80 ring dips, 100 wall balls (9kg for men and 6kg for women), 80 burpee box overs, 60 shoulder overhead (60kg for men and 40kg for women), 40 meter overhead walking lunge, 20 burpee plate to overhead (15kg for men and 10kg for women).












North Devon got to the burpee plate overhead first, followed by Exeter and Galvanise.



It was a hard fought final with all teams laying it on the line, facing their weaknesses and giving their all. The final placings for Primal Games 2 were:

1st North Devon 1
2nd Galvanise 1
3rd Exeter 3
4th Plymouth 4
5th Avon 3


Crossfit Plymouth built on last years event with a smoothly run leaderboard that was updated after each heat. Larger events could do well to communicate scores as effectively as the Primal Games. One area that will always be a bone of contention is judging. The videos in the lead up to the event were clear about standards, but what was unclear if what happens when a judge notices a standard infringement. Perhaps the most helpful thing for new competitors is that they are encouraged to adhere to the standards set, so that they can develop good habits early.

Primal Games easily has potential to grow beyond the box, to be honest it’s so good, it doesn’t have to.


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  1. James said on May 8, 2013

    Great Article, although a couple of inaccuracies in WOD 3: “Exeter 3 posted an impressive 6,739 that was bested by North Devon 1 who registered 6,755″. Actually those two were only 3rd and 4th on that WOD with 6,139 and 6,155. North Devon 2 was 2nd with 6,189 and Unit 6 absolutely smashed it with 6,322….just sayin’!

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