Men’s Division 2 Volleyball South Cardiff Celts vs Bristol 1

November 9, 2013 in Bristol, South West, Volleyball

Abbeywood Community School hosted the Bristol 1 home game against the Cardiff Celts.

Cardiff were ahead of Bristol in the standings going into this matchup having played more games.

Bristol looked in good shape and ready for the challenge in the shape of today’s visitors.


Bristol opened the scoring on the Cardiff serve followed by great blocking. 3-2 Bristol.


Bristol’s attack came in waves, dummy spikes throwing the Cardiff defence. The Celts kept putting up a wall, snagging a great block to keep the score close. Bristol 6, Cardiff 5.


Despite Cardiff’s communication on defence, Bristol started to pull out a small lead. 13-6 to Bristol. Cardiff call a time out.


Bristol put in a wayward serve, and Cardiff’s attack starts to find it’s mark. 14-8 to Bristol 1.


The power and accuracy of Bristol’s spikes had been impressive. Another one found the floor, 15-9 Bristol. Cardiff picked up a point off the Bristol block, and the Celts put their bodies on the line in an attempt to save the unsaveable. Bristol 16, Cardiff 10.


Both teams entered a debate with the umpire over a perceived double touch, but Bristol lost the argument. Bristol 16, Cardiff 11. Bristol made up for it with another fantastic block. 18-11 to Bristol.

Cardiff worked hard to keep rallies alive, their perseverance paying off when Bristol put the ball wide at the end of a particularly long rally. Bristol 19, Cardiff 13.


Consecutive spikes by Bristol brought the score to 21-13 in their favour. Bristol continued to pile on the pressure to see out the first set 25-16.

The teams prowled the perimeter at the change of ends, and it was Bristol who leapt first in the second set. 1-0 Bristol.


Cardiff took the lead with a darting spike to make the score 2-1. Bristol were comfortable keeping in touch with the opposition, eventually seeing the score flip over to 4-4.


No. 1 for Bristol laid down the team’s intent with a huge spike to take back the lead. Bristol 5, Cardiff 4.

Bristol continued on to 8-6, and that was enough for Cardiff to call a time out. Bristol had too much firepower at the net, and pushed on to a 11-9 lead. Their defence picked up where the attack left off. Another massive block from Bristol and it was 14-10.


Bristol found their stride coming out of a time out, stretching their lead to 20-13. Bristol added another point, and that was enough for the Celts to huddle in a time out and work on the plan. Bristol 21, Cardiff 13.


Set point was brought up by the ball spiralling out of play off a Cardiff block. The second set went to Bristol, 25-15.



Into the 3rd set and Cardiff make a strong start taking the first three points of the set.


The Celts lead 6-5 despite the best efforts of the Bristol blockers. With Cardiff ahead 6-8, Bristol needed time to think about how to revive their performance of the first two sets. The Celts were making a stand and led in the third set, 13-7.


Bristol battled back to 14 points against Cardiff’s 11. A ball into the net from Cardiff levelled the score at 14-14.


All of a sudden it was 16-14 to Bristol, the third set was finely poised as the score flipped to 16 points each.



Towering blocks and spikes from Bristol gave the home side a 19-16 lead.



They never looked back as they closed out the final set 25-19 and the match in 3 straight sets.

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