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Empire sorts the Strongmen from the Supermen

December 21, 2012 in Bristol, South West, Strongman, Weightlifting

Log lift, Deadlift, Single arm dumbbell press. These were the benchmarks for the Empire Sports Club Strongman and Superman competitions. The only difference was that those entering the Superman comp were aiming for as many reps as possible within a 1 minute time cap, and had their bodyweight taken into consideration.

Last year’s winner, James St Leger, returned to defend his title and was going to be the man to beat for the Superman event. Read the rest of this entry →

CrossFit GB Strongman

December 8, 2012 in Bristol, Crossfit, South West, Strongman, Weightlifting

It was a brisk Sunday morning in Brisligton and perfect conditions for a show of athletic strength. The Crossfit GB Strongman was a quick fire event which included familiar tests of strength and power from the world of strongman. Read the rest of this entry →