Bristol Harbour Harlots A vs Nottingham Hellfire Harlots

December 7, 2013 in Audio, Bristol, Roller Derby, South West

The teams last met on 2nd June 2012 in Nottingham. The score was 203 -118 to Hellfire Harlots. Derby Data Europe predicts a Bristol 136 , Hellfire 200 score line.

All images: Charlotte Munford


Kevin started at jammer for Bristol while Hellfire captain, Joannasaurus, took up the duties for Nottingham. 4-1 Bristol.



In jam 2 Terroryaki Smak racked up the points for Nottingham to make it 4-9 to Hellfire.

Nottingham were making light work of the Bristol blocking to race out to a 8-19 score. EZ Roller came back in jam 6 to make it 11-19 Nottingham. Harlots A captain The Blizzard 54 was in the scoring position in jam 9 and showed a great turn of speed around the track. It wasn’t enough to raise the points for the Harlots. 11-23 Nottingham.


The Hellfire Harlots call a time out with 18 minutes to go in the first period. On the other side of the timeout, Kevin flew off the front of the pack to take the most points in jam 11. 14-33 Bristol.


Two jams later Joannasaurus was picking up the points in the lead jammer position. She had the moved required to get around the block each time round. 19-58 Nottingham.


Bristol now had a jammer in the box, giving Nottingham Hellfire Harlots the powerjam. 19-63.

Kevin registered 4 points in jam 16 an looked comfortable dealing with the Nottingham blocking. Blizzard picked up where Kevin left off and was very fast out the front. 31-74 Nottingham.


May K Fist 4Q jammed for Nottingham in jam 20 while Tattoed Terror chased her down. 31-79 Hellfire Harlots.




Hellfire had firepower and were pushing their lead further. 31-98. Kevin rose to the challenge and put in a mammoth effort with 19 points. 50-89 Nottingham.


Entering into the final minute of the first period Bristol started to come to terms with what they had to do. Nottingham were still scoring 54-94 at the end of the first half.


At the start of the second period, Bristol Harbour Harlots A had a bit of work to do. So who better to start at jammer than Kevin. The Bristol jammer was called for a back block, and then a track violation. Joannasaurus went on to pick up 5 points for Nottingham. 61-108 Nottingham Hellfire Harlots.


In jam 27 Terroryaki Smak found a way through the Bristol blocks with ease. 61-125 Nottingham.

Tattooed Terror benefited from a powerjam, but the advantage barely lasted a lap before she was called for a back block.

The fans were getting behind both teams with the scores at 84-140 to Nottingham. At the start of jam 30 Nottingham had three players in the box. This allowed Blackthorn 999 to control the jam and get 14 points. 98-140.


Bristol’s jammers were in the box too often to close the gap quickly. Would they run out of time or pull it back in the last 15 minutes. 98-163.


Nottingham added 10 points through another powerjam. Blackthorn 999 was ejected from the game for collecting 7 penalties. Bristol’s job was now a little harder. 98-173.


Kevin put in another great turn in jam 36 registering 13 points. 111-182 Nottingham. Tattooed Terror who had been relatively quiet up until now quickly added 4 points of her own. 115-183 Nottingham.



Hooli Hell 16 of the Hellfire got sent to the box as jam 39 wound down, but their blocking did enough to prevent Tattooed Terror from scoring. 115-194 Nottingham.



EZ Roller and May K Fist lined up as jammers in jam 42. EZ got ahead, got the points and called the jam. 122-194 Nottingham.



As the final seconds slipped away Kevin was called for cutting the corner of the track and couldn’t score to close the gap.



Final score; Bristol Harbour Harlots A 128, Nottingham Hellfire Harlots 225.

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