Bristol Harbour Harlots A vs Hot Wheel Roller Derby

September 14, 2013 in Audio, Bristol, Roller Derby, South West

The Harlots haven’t competed for a little while, and they looked eager for a physical encounter as they warmed up for today’s bout. They were facing West Yorkshire visitors in the shape of Hot Wheel Roller Derby.



Kevin, Da Silva Surfer and fan favourite Tattooed Terror were all named in the line up, led out by captain Goldie Lookin’ Pain. Form dictated that this would be a close one. The first thirty minutes were up on the clock and the excitement was palpable.




Peggy Lethal was jamming for Hot Wheel and Delta Strike for the Harlots. The Hot Wheel jammer was the first to break out of the pack, but the play came to nothing. Hot Wheel Roller Derby struck first in the next jam taking the score to 4-0. Having shaken the nerves out of their system, the Harlots came straight back to level the score. 4-4. Tattoeed Terror picked up two points for the home team in her first appearance in the jamming position, but the West Yorkshire team kept the scoreboard ticking over in their next attack. 6-8 Hot Wheel Roller Derby.




Bristol were having problems breaching the Hot Wheel blocking formation which allowed the away team’s attack pick off the pack. 6-26 Hot Wheel. The physical play of Hot Wheel prompted the first time out of the bout. Bristol had to reassess their approach to the opposition.


Coming out of the time out both teams had a player in the penalty box, but that didn’t dampen the intensity. The Blizzard provided a huge play at jammer for Bristol, hip checking her opposite number to take the lead. Bristol needed to take it up a gear to try and close the gap that Hot Wheel were opening. 9-32.



Jam 13 saw the first power jam as Tattooed Terror was sent to the box exhibiting a little frustration at the situation. The end of that jam saw the score at 9-53, Bristol were in danger of experiencing a rout. Past experience has shown that despite the name, the Harlots don’t lie down easily. Blizzard again displayed some great skating to elude the opposition but it was not enough to move the score on. Having a jammer in the box did not help Bristol’s cause and the resulting power jam saw Hot Wheel Roller Derby rack up the score at their leisure. 9-76.


Ruthless Philly made short work of the Bristol block and looked like she was coasting round the park on a Sunday afternoon. As the Hot Wheel score broke one hundred the Harlots were running out of answers. More infringements were creeping in for the Harlots who at one point in jam 17 had three players in the penalty box. Bristol had not scored in over 15 minutes.


As Kevin rolled up to the jamming spot the score stood at 9-134 . Kevin broke out of the pack first but almost immediately went to the box. This left the Hot Wheel jammer, Ruthless Philly to enjoy another Sunday roll. No sooner was Kevin out of the box she showed determination to get the Harlots scoring. 17-157.


EZ-Roller jammed for the first time for the Harbour Harlots in jam 21 and went on to enjoy a rare Bristol power jam situation, 31-157 Hot Wheel.


At the half it stood at Bristol Harbour Harlots A 34, Hot Wheel Roller Derby 157.

Bristol knew they had to increase the intensity in the second half, and Delta Strike was tasked with being the jammer to deliver. Within three minutes a similar pattern was developing, a Bristol jammer in the box and a Hot Wheel jammer doing laps. At the beginning of jam 24 the score was 34-173. Blizzard assumed the mantle of jammer and again performed well. 42-173. There was still enough time to turn things around.


The away team’s walling was impressive, even slowing down the advances of Bristol jammer Blizzard. 47-194 to Hot Wheel. The hits were equally impressive as Kevin felt the presence of the West Yorkshire team’s defenders. During jam 28 EZ-Roller had an enforced breather in the penalty box which left Peggy Lethal to roll round for a big score. 51-213.


Bristol got the scoreboard moving again in jam 31 as they were gifted a power jam by Ruthless Philly. Kevin wasted no time in maximising her scoring opportunity brining the points to 79-229. Bristol allowed their lead jammer to become the chasing jammer and missed the opportunity to call the play at the vital moment.


Bristol found themselves in another power jam situation and Kevin called to her team that she intended to lap for as long as possible. This brought up the Harlots century. 105-241. Jam 36 lined up as the clock approached the last five minutes. The Harlots blocking was ineffectual in preventing the Hot Wheel team from having the lead jammer on the track. 106-271.







Delta Strike threw in some hard hits, showing continued determination in the dying minutes of the bout. Hot Wheel Roller Derby however, had too much pace and power to be slowed. Clar Mar Superstar of Hot Wheel engaged in a little gamesmanship taking her time to get to the penalty box after noting the game clock was approaching zero.


The signed off score for the matchup was Bristol Harbour Harlots A 112, Hot Wheel Roller Derby-282.


Bristol Harbour Harlots were overpowered by the blocking of Hot Wheel Roller Derby, and stunted their scoring by too many trips to the penalty box. Hopefully they can bounce back and bring a bigger fight the next time they hit the track.

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