BCS South West League game 6: Huish Hawks vs Huish Harriers

October 15, 2014 in Basketball, Region, South West, Taunton

With both teams from the same college I expect this game to be interesting and maybe a little one sided. And here we go a tense scene friends against friends, the Hawks seem to be taking most of ball but both sides are running up and down court with consistent play.

Richard Huish College 1 (Hawks) (rh) vs Richard Huish College 2 (Harriers) (rh2)


The play is becoming a little disorganised between both sides. At the moment with the score at 2-2. The Harriers are keeping a nice rate of play at the back and are staying focused on the structure of their defence, but all it takes is that one player to put a few in the basket to change this game from the start.


A player from the Harriers falls to the floor and gives way to the Hawks who push on through and score a nicely with a mid range shot putting them at 5-2. And number 14 for rh performs a beautiful piece of skill to cause the crowd to cheer, rh2 can not stop the skill or fast play without giving away fouls.


Number 7 goes for the long shot but closely misses with a boo from the crowd. From there silence of play as the Harriers come through with a nicely worked score and bring the game to 5-4 to the Hawks at half time.


As we come back from the break the last start buzzer sounds and the second half begins. The Huish Hawks push the Harriers into their box with a lot of pressure. But they slowing make their way up the court to score a fantastic shot from number 13 and the crowd love it.


A little come back we might be seeing here. 6-5 to the Harriers. As the score stands this game could go either way, it all depends on how they perform for the next 6 minutes. A massive cheer from the crowd as Richard Huish College’s second basketball team, the underdogs, make their way in the lead 8-5 the score.


The Hawks need to pull themselves together and bring in some ideas before the scoreboard slowly goes the other way. And they do just that, we have ourselves a dual with 4 minutes to go.


End to end with no scoring shots, this might just need one shot to win it. But who will it be, The Huish Harriers make a fast break down the court. With the ball close to their side and with that lays the ball in the basket the atmosphere in this place is starting to build up as the scores sits at 10-8 to the Harriers. Number 7 scores a free throw to bring the score to 11 -10 hawks.



It seems now they have the lead I do not know what way this game is going to end. But just as easy as that the Hawks score, and that score putting themselves at 17-10 with 20 seconds to go as the referee shouts it out and a huge count down goes on from the crowd to finish the final score on 17-10 to the Huish Hawks.


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