BCS South West League game 5: St Brendan’s Huish Harriers vs City of Bristol

October 15, 2014 in Basketball, Bristol, South West, Taunton

The game starts up with a fast basket from sb and a slow start from rh, both teams trying to grab possession of the ball and bring some control to the game.

St Brendans(sb) vs RHC2 Huish Harriers (rh)

St Brendan’s seem to be taking the more dominating role, as they are already 5-0 up. A long ball from the back and St Brendan’s are off once again putting that pressure on the Harriers but rh do keep coming back with the long shots that are a little scary to St Brendan’s. The score now stands at 5-2 to sb but the play is fast from both sides, a fair game is being played here.


Although the skill and teamwork of sb is the thing that is winning them the game with a secure lead of 7-2 .The hole dome has now got a lot emptier, as well as the loudest thing it here being the whistle and the sound of the players shoes. As the number 10 stands to take a free throw for sb, he bounces the ball with silence in the court and scores it as if it was always going there, almost with complete confidence.


And then a fantastic slam by the number 10 for sb brings everyone to their feet. This number 10 is on fire scoring yet again the Harriers need to do something about this player now and they know it.

As we come back from the half time break its looking like another one sided win for a Bristol team. With a strong run St Brendan’s took the ball from one side of the court to the other and lay the ball into the net. There is no way this game could go the Harriers way anymore.

We have only just started the second half and St Brendan’s are looking to put this game to bed. Number 5 stands at point awaiting the ball as rh watch the ball flowing freely into the basket. It was like sb have the ball glued to their hands only to let go when scoring.


If you blink you could easily miss the scoreboard ticking over. Every time I look I wonder how I’ve missed so many points. As I write the score shows up as 23-2 to St Brendan’s . Number 8 storms through Huish Harriers  defence and then the number 2 plays the ball around the defence to see St Brendan’s score twice in a matter of seconds. The score was now 31-2, the long drive from Bristol must have done the visiting teams some good.

A fumble from number 14 leads to the possession going to sb once again. It seems like they’re never going to get a break. Its just basket after basket with no come back being achieved. The final score sits at 35-2 to St Brendan’s, a fantastic win for another Bristol team.

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