BCS South West League game 2: City of Bristol vs St Brendan’s

October 15, 2014 in Audio, Basketball, Bristol, South West, Taunton

A Bristol dual took place as both teams have traveled from the city, so in this game you might expect some rivalry.

City of Bristol (cb) vs St Brendan’s (sb)

As we start this game the emotions on the cb team might be a little different as they now have a win under there belt. Maybe the nerves of sb might be a little high as they just witnessed the strength of the team they now face. We kick off with a little nerve between them both but sb score the first points with a split in the cb wall of defence. Number 9 for stands at point and hits a shot, the score stands at 2-1.

St Brendan’s take control with beautiful play and place the ball in the basket. This must of upset the City of Bristol team because they run straight back up court and score themselves. Tension is building, every bit on control can mean a score so passion is tense here. Not one player wants to be the one losing that ball .

We are half way through the first half and the score is 4-3 only one point in it. And as the referee silences the game all you can hear is the noise of shoes sliding across the court, cb are starting to look a little tired, maybe some substitutes are needed as sb extend there lead to 5-3. City of Bristol need to make something from this. They have a shot from the free-throw line which is nicely put away, but they suddenly give a free-throw away themselves at the other end. This ended up in a score from sb. The half time buzzer rings and the score stands at 6-4 to St Brendan’s.

The passion started with City of Bristol and getting free-throws from this, number 9 steps up to the line. The pressure must of got to him as he misses both free-throws. Now number 4 stands strong and hits an open shot. City of Bristol seem a little more alive this half scoring another shot straight away.

But sb stay strong and secure their lead by scoring an amazing shot and another built from play into the box. Things are looking a little more heated this game with the score board showing 10-7 to St Brendan’s. City of Bristol come in scoring one of two shots from the free-throw line, slowly closing in on sb lead. Can they secure their lead before cb catch up?

From the close play of City of Bristol, sb takes the ball from their hands and run the length of the court to score a brilliant singled handed basket. St Brendan’s have taken a long lead with the score sitting at 14-8, the game looks to be in the bag for them with only 2 minutes remaining. Basket to basket the courtside is getting more and more filled with people the tension and noise in this place has just jumped up from the games being played on this court.

City of Bristol hit back showing that their not ready to give up yet that they will keep going to the end. Full time score stands at 16 -10 to St Brendan’s with a friendly hand shake at the end from both teams a fair and well deserved win for sb.


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