BCS South West League game 1: Huish Hawks vs City of Bristol

October 15, 2014 in Basketball, Bristol, Taunton

The story behind this article is not just from where I am at the moment sat court side of a basketball game but its more than that. The quest started at 9:30 stood outside the City of Bristol College, with the coldness of the morning at full swing. As we gathered onto the mini bus which in total was 3 media students and the newly formed City of Bristol basketball team I could sense a feeling of excitement on the bus.

As we set off down the motorway towards our destination there was still the silence of the morning in everyones ears . In total the journey took around an hour and as we stepped off the bus that deadly silence just disappeared as if it was never there. Me and the other media students made our way into the dome to set our equipment up, feeling the coldness inside the dome. And as we stood there, they appeared not just looking like a few kids on a mini bus now but a fully equipped and ready to win basketball team. As i sit here watching them warm up for there opening game i watch that excitement turn into confidence and smiles. I do wish the best for the lads and hope those smiles stay strong.



Game 1- City of Bristol (cb) vs Richard Huish College 1(rhc)

The game is about to set off and the journey has stared.


City of Bristol are straight into the game with the ball just falling to them, they are pushing the pressure on but this is sport and everything can just change as I can see. The Huish Hawks score and are developing in punching back that pressure. An almost perfect run by cb with the number 4 taking control of the ball and hitting that hoop with no hesitation.

City of Bristol are controlling there lines perfectly performing with form and structure, scoring another basket. It’s like they have no fear and they know that the ball only belongs in one place; the opponents net. Now rhc are trying to bring some control to the game , but nerves are getting the better of them as one player just throws the ball out. And from that a stunning shot is made by cb, a clear 3 pointer. This game is becoming very one sided here, I can almost feel the tension. They tear down those nerves and place the ball in the net. The Hawks could still have something here, they just need to break through that controlled cb defence which is becoming more like a wall.

As we break for half time I see a split in the confidence boost for cb. We start the second half, with a two sided game actually being played now. Both teams are really going for this with loud applause from the crowd as rhc score a inside shot. City of Bristol storm back with number 9 making a fantastic run straight through the defence of rhc. City of Bristol score yet again showing the home side they’re here to win.

With that number 7 from the Hawks takes the ball and places it in the net, they really are coming back for it with a basket waved off for as a travel violation. City of Bristol take control and put that ball where they love it to be, firing for another score. Yet again rhc number 7 shows everyone who he is with a fantastic bit of skill to score. As I sit here not really being a basketball fan the score stands at 10-12.

I will admit I really am sat on the edge of my chair, this could go either way. Both teams come straight back in with baskets at both ends, from one side of the court straight to the other. With a score from rhc and 3 fresh legs from the cb bench, this game could still go either way. The fresh legs seem to be working as cb score a nice team built shot but rhc just seem to be coming back again and again. This is a tense scene.

The opening game is taken proudly by City of Bristol College with the final score ending on 18-15, it was a very well deserved win.

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