Women’s Premiership and Division 1 Netball: Bristol Storm double header

March 15, 2014 in Bristol, Netball

For the second time this season Bristol Storm 1 & 2 played side by side at UWE in the Prem and Div 1 respectively. Storm 1 were up against TJs and Storm 2 PSL Panthers.


With only 4 games left in the season, Storm 1 had a lot to lose, as this win would see them go top of the table with a chance at contending the Premiership title. For Storm 2 this was a much-needed win to ensure their position in the top half of Division 1.

The 1st’s had a challenging first quarter drawing at 11 all, whereas the 2nd’s surged ahead with a score of 15-6. Both Panthers and Storm 2 appeared slightly confused by some unusual ‘replayed ball’ calls from the umpires. However, this didn’t prevent some textbook, two-handed interceptions from both the Storm 2 defence and attack to turn over balls and convert into solid goals.


Quarter 2 saw the 1st’s settle into their game against TJs and start to pull ahead by 10, nudging the score up to 28-18. Whereas Storm 2 doubled their points to 30-13 against Panthers, turning over the oppositions centres and the defence relentlessly breaking down the attacking pass into the circle.

By quarter 3 both teams kept their lead, however TJs were not making it easy for the 1st’s and kept the pressure on throughout. Storm 1 increased their lead after 15 minutes by only 1 point finishing 40-29. Storm 2 showed their flexibility as a squad, as the team continued to rotate mid court positions, whilst continuing to rain down goals on the Panthers ending the quarter 42-19.


Both opposition teams looked tired going into the final quarter but both Storm teams looked strong and motivated by their leads. Storm 2 set themselves a target of hitting 60 goals in the final quarter. After a slight wobble with a couple of minutes to go they smashed their target finishing the match 62-23, a huge victory. Storm 1 helped by strong turnovers from all three defenders consolidated their lead. The whole team passed quickly and accurately finishing with some on point shooting to take the game to 54-43 at full time.


Smiles all round and player votes for Storm 1 saw Gemma Timmons (WD) receive player from the opposition, with a special mention of Donna Ferris, who as GD they thought played exceptionally well too. From their own team it was awarded to Kathryn Powell for her sharp shooting skills. Storm 2 awarded player to GA Jess Sanders who played a smart game, and Panthers awarded play to Denise Savage for her speediness at WA.

Final Scores:

Bristol Storm 1 Vs TJs  54-43


Bristol Storm 2 Vs PSL Panthers   62-23


Event report: Maggy Blagrove, Bristol Storm Netball

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