Women’s Division 3 Volleyball Team Southampton v Bristol 2

December 8, 2013 in Bristol, South West, Volleyball

Team Southampton are floating around mid table, while Bristol 2 are troubling the top 3 spots of Division 3 South.


Southampton made a concerted start and pushed Bristol from the start. Bristol called a time out with Team Southamptom leading 8-7.


Bristol were hitting hard and a spike finds its mark to bring the score to 9 points a piece. Southampton had some offensive power of their own which a Bristol block failed to deal with. 10-9 Southampton.


The South coast team continued to apply the pressure culminating in a huge shot from the Southampton attack. 13-9 Team Southampton. Bristol called another time out.


The tide turned a little after the timeout. Southampton missed a spike to make it 12-10, and Bristol began to rally. 13-12 Southampton.

It was now Southampton that needed to talk it over with a timeout. Bristol’s attack was coming together as they pushed to a small lead. 16-13 Bristol.



The home team’s run continued after a timeout, serving an ace to make it 18-13 Bristol. Bristol’s luck runs out with serve into net, they were still leading 19-15.

Southampton dug in and maintained a great rally at 16-19 with Southampton’s efforts paying off and taking the point.




Southampton serve into net, and Bristol were able to capitalise and make the score 22-16.

IMG_4138 IMG_4139 IMG_4140 IMG_4141 IMG_4143

Team Southampton string a few more points together before a Bristol block gives the local team set point. 24-19 Bristol.

Bristol serve long and let the first set point slip by. 20-24 Bristol. A spike finally puts away the first set for Bristol, 25-20.


Change ends.


Bristol storm out to an early lead, almost as though they were annoyed at dragging out the previous set. 6-1 Bristol



Bristol bemoaned a net touch call that allowed Southampton to register their second point, 6-2 Bristol. Bristol were finding their stride illustrated by a deft fake set from Bristol which looped over the net. 7-2 Bristol.

Bristol were great at keeping the ball up, and making Team Southampton work. 8-2 Bristol. The score ticked over, 9-3 Southampton had a few chances, 11-5 then 12-5 punctuated with a Bristol spike hitting the deck. Errors started to creep in to Bristol’s game which let the away team in. 13-10 Bristol.

The teams were starting to cancel each other out, 13-12 then 14-12 Bristol.

Southampton’s serve delivered by No. 9 rattled Bristol, the low skimming serve notching up points and taking the lead. 17-15 Southampton.



At 19-15 to Southampton it was clear their confidence was building.

Southampton win a long diving rally making it 15-20 to Team Southampton. They were putting their bodies on the line.



A long serve from Bristol was the signal to call another timeout. 16-21 Southampton.

Both teams were showing guts in the race to bag the second set. 16-22. 16-23 Southampton were making the most of the play and get to set point first. 24-19.


Southampton put the ball out on set point, but make no mistake on their second opportunity. 20-25 to Southampton, one set each.

Change ends.

Southampton’s good run of serves return putting them 4-1 ahead, the last of which landed in on the line and prompted a Bristol time out.


The Southampton serve fails and the game gets tight at 5-5. Bristol were staying with their opponents, 6-6.


It was about fine margins at this stage of the game for both teams as Southampton registered 8-6. Southampton went on to a 10-7 lead until a smart tip from Bristol at 10-8. Southampton kept the pressure on until a bad serve gave Bristol the ball. 16-11 Southampton.

At 17-13 Bristol’s blockers were caught out by a dink over the net from Team Southampton.


Southampton were proving robust by the time they got to 21-13. Bristol couldn’t close the gap before a service error gave the visitors the third set 25-18.

IMG_4358 IMG_4359

Team Southampton lead 2 sets to 1.

Change ends

Bristol start the fourth set communicating well, and at 4-4 Southampton start to look a little unsure.


Team Southampton string a spike and a block together to lead 6-5, before putting a spike long to restore parity. The blocking of the Bristol side was sturdy at 8-6, and Bristol extended that lead with a well placed serve. 9-6 Bristol. A mixture of fineness and power showed by both teams which was keeping the score close. 10-10.

Bristol couldn’t break away from Southampton, and a nervous serve by Bristol helping to keep the visiting team in it. 14-14.


A poor tip from Southampton gave Bristol the lead and a timeout followed. Bristol fired several good serves and were soon at 18 to Southampton’s 14.

Southampton were having trouble getting in the game, and Bristol were serving well 23-15.


The home team took the fourth set 25-15. We were going to a deciding set.

Deciding set

The strong serving from Bristol continued, giving them 4 unanswered points. The home team’s flair for different shots helped the lead grow to 8-0. Maybe a change of ends would help Southampton.

Southampton’s first point came from a long Bristol serve. Bristol kept hammering the ball at every opportunity and were even scoring off Southampton blocks. 12-3 Bristol.


Bristol served out the deciding set 15-3 and didn’t really give Team Southampton a chance.


Bristol win 3 sets to 2 in exciting and determined style.


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