Bristol Harbour Harlots B vs Cornwall Atlantic Breakers

December 7, 2013 in Audio, Bristol, Roller Derby, South West

The visiting team took to the track early to warm up in a bid to make themselves at home for the first bout in the Bristol Roller Derby double header.

All images: Charlotte Munford

The Cornwall Atlantic Breakers, captained by Madame Warfare AK47, were the team standing between victory and the Bristol Bs.


By the time the officials were ready the house was full for an exciting afternoon of roller derby.




Starlight led the way in the first jam for Cornwall but was quickly followed by the Bristol jammer. 4-4.



Til Thrillster made her way through some hard defence to score for the Harlots 8-4 Bristol.


Sno Angel was next at jammer for Bristol and was able to keep the score ticking over. By now Bristol had three players in the penalty box. Would discipline again be a problem for Harbour Harlots B squad? 15-8 Bristol.


Raging Bulmer and Starlight XS battled for the lead in jam 4, but was waved off as scoring was too risky with the opposing jammer so close by.



Bristol made wholesale changes for jam 5 with Frau POW going up against Madame Warfare. It looks like teams jammers were evenly matched. 22-10 Bristol.


By jam 7 in the first, Cornwall had chipped away at the lead. 26-30. Penalties were allowing the visitors back into the bout. The Bristol jammers were doing their best to ensure Cornwall’s scoring rollers didn’t get to far in front. This had the effect of slowing Cornwall scoring.


Start of jam 12, 42-26 Bristol. Cornwall had the first power jam of the day. Gnarley Davidson was almost able to roller round at will. Suddenly it was 42-42. By jam 15 Cornwall had edged out in front on 49 points against Bristol’s 48.


Sno Angel scored 8-0 in jam 15 to steal back the lead for Bristol. 56-49.


Til Thrillster continued the scoring tradition as Bristol racked up 70 points to Cornwall’s 52.

Til was called for illegal use of the elbow in jam 20 and was sent to the box. Madame Warfare wasted no time taking advantage of the powerjam. 73-76 to Cornwall.


Starlight XS was proving to be an effective scorer for Cornwall, whizzing round to give Cornwall a 7 point lead. 77-84 Cornwall.

81-84 to Cornwall Atlantic Breakers at the half.


Bristol Harbour Harlots started the second period with two players in the penalty box. Bristol had collected 18 penalties to Cornwall’s 10.



Raging Bulmer pulled away from the pack in jam one of the second half. 84 points all. Jacknife 555 jammed for Cornwall and was able to snatch back a few points. Starlight XS chipped in on jamming duties to keep in touch with Bristol 92-91 Bristol. Bristol were the first team to break 100 points as the score arrived at 103-95 Bristol.


Jam 29 was a close affair with both jammers getting away. Raging Bulmer was able to register the most points for the team. 105-103 Harbour Harlots.



After a brief stoppage for an injury to Cronwall pivot Ka-Pow! 22, the action was picked up in jam 32. By jam 33 Bristol found themselves at the mercy of another powerjam. 109-125 to Cornwall.


Bristol called a time out, they needed to reduce their penalty count.


Sno Angel lined up in jam 35 while jackknife 555 was right behind. 112-129 to Bristol.



So far Starlight XS had been the stand out jammer of this first bout, and she again skated well to pick up points. Bristol got their first powerjam situation. Til Thrillster stretched out the jam which brought Bristol Harbour Harlots the lead. 142-137 Bristol.



Jacknife and Frau POW lined up for jam 39. With just over 10 minutes to go, the crowd was in for a thrilling finish. Frau POW came out ahead in what turned out to be a powerjam for Bristol as the Cornwalls jammer Gnarley Davidson left the penalty box early and therefor received another stint. No sooner was it awarded, Bristol gained a jammer penalty of their own. 153-143 to Bristol Harbour Harlots.


Cornwall were determined to stay in the game. 156-153 to the Harbour Harlots.

The bout saw yet another lead change in jam 43, 160-161 to Cornwall. Lil Miss Bloodlust jammed next for Bristol and now the teams were level on 163 points each. The home crowd roared as Raging Bulmer emerged from the pack score 4 more points. 167-163 Bristol.


Each jam seemed to have a different team jammer out in front, this time was the turn of Starlight XS.


With 1:20 on the clock Cornwall were in the lead with 172 against Bristol’s 167.

Cornwall were able to score in addition to Bristol with enough time for one more jam the score stood Cornwall 175, Bristol 169.



Til Thrillster came out ahead for Bristol, but there was a penalty called and the Bristol jammer was sent to the box. 176-175. That allowed Starlight XS to lead.


The scoreboard read 176-180 to Cornwall, as the officials gathered to check the score after the final controversial jam.


There score stood and Cornwall were finally able to celebrate.


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