Bristol Touch League 1 Cup Final

July 22, 2013 in Bristol, South West, Touch Rugby

The Bristol Touch Rugby Cup final between Pims and Cougars was the matchup to watch in the culmination of the League 1 summer season.

Pims were first to score, the Cougars seeming to feel the pressure early with handling errors on their first attack. Pims capitalised on this for the opening score.

Cougars switch the play

The Pims recycling of the ball was rapid and they soon foxed the defence to score again. 2-0. The Cougars started to apply a little more pressure, but their attacking play was cut short by turnovers.

It seemed like the Pimms players knew what they wanted to do before they got the ball, which made it feel like they were in possession more often than not.

Pims on the attack

Cougars came back on the stroke of half time to slice the Pimms defence and claim their first score. 2-1.

Cougars talk it over at the half


Pims looking ready for the second half

The Cougars kicked off the second half and needed to maintain their late first half flourish to stay in the match, but within moments Pims came straight back for a score. The Cup holders were turning up the heat, and soon broke through to touch down. 4-1.

Cougars only had one sub for the game with regular players being away. It was a big hill to climb even without the fatigue of long stints on the pitch. 5-1. Despite this the Cougars kept plugging away and where rewarded with a try to amend the score to 5-2.


The Pims drilled offence kept the score board ticking over to bring the score to 6-2. Cougars came back to score as both teams were feeling the pace of the game. Both teams started trading attacks as the game began to open up. Pims scored with a pitch wide diagonal pass, showing some great vision to make it 7-3.

Time was running out for the Cougars and a late score finished the game off. A late burst of energy was too little too late from cougars, as the Pims team ran out 8-3 winners.

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