Bristol v Porto International Roller Derby

June 15, 2013 in Audio, Bristol, Roller Derby, South West

Bristol is a friendly city and is respected around the world. Bristol Roller Derby were doing their bit for international relations with the Bristol v Porto International. Porto is Bristol’s twinned town and the Harbour Harlots B team welcomed Roller Derby Porto to the WISE Campus.

All images: Suzanne Rupp

In addition, today was the first competitive outing for the Bristol Vice Quad; Bristol Roller Derby’s mens team. They would be pitted against the Milton Keynes Quads of War.

Milton Keynes took to the floor early to run through some drills, the Vice Quad looking on intently a touch on nerves vaguely visible.


Mr Incredibrawl 183 was named captain for the Vice Quad with Lion O Yeah recruited to vice.


The remains of another healthy roller derby crowd filed in as Red October fired up the microphone to announce the teams.

The officials performed the kit check for both mens teams and we were underway.


Nuke Jukem, jamming for the Quads, got off to a quick start getting 19 up on the board while the Bristol Jammer Shades of Grey was in the penalty box early.

By the 4th jam Bristol were suffering with 3 players going to the penalty box which prompted a Bristol time out.


Milton Keynes kept the score moving while they had the player advantage. By jam 6 the score read Quads 45, Vice Quad 0.

Bristol’s first point came from K.I.A who showed some determined jamming while managing not to be penalised. Quads 70, Bristol 4.



HTML Hell jammed for the Vice in jam 12 and made a blistering move through the pack. Milton Keynes had a well organised defence which provided the platform for them to go on and score.

Bristol started to ease into the bout and were taking their opportunities to score, moving to 18 points to Milton Keynes’ 87. Bristol continued to have trouble with the officials and in jam 18 were the first to have their jammer sent to the bin.


Quads jammer Sonics Rampage showed great skills to evade the Bristol wall and score. Milton Keynes made it tough for the Bristol jammers to get through the pack and asserted their dominance with 4 minutes to go in the first period. Matt Lovin showed calm courage as he deftly made his way round to bring the score to Bristol 43, Quads of War 134.

At the end of the first period that saw 26 jams, the score stood at Bristol Vice Quad 45, Milton Keynes 144.

Second period:

K.I.A started the second period as jammer for Bristol, and rattled through 10 points. In a reversal of the beginning of the first period it was the Quads jammer who went to the box early.


Five jams into the second period the Quads of War were up to 155, Bristol Vice Quad 66. Jam 8 saw a scoring frenzy by K.I.A picking up 20 points as Bristol took advantage of the power play. Bristol 102, Milton Keynes 172.

HTML Hell 500 was getting help from the crowd who would scream at him to call the jam when he was Bristol’s scorer. The Quads enjoyed a power play in Jam 12 and extended their lead to 106 points. Bristol 106, Milton Keynes 212.


Despite a late rally, Bristol could not claw back the points difference. The final score stood at Milton Keynes Quads of War 251, Bristol Vice Quad 166. Vice Quad showed up against a quality side, and should be pleased with what they have achieved. As team debuts go, the Vice Quad showed bags of courage and a fair bit of talent. Despite Milton Keynes being a handful of bouts ahead in experience, the knew enough to outclass the Bristol Roller Derby debutants.

Bristol Vice Quad vs Milton Keynes Quads of War Player awards:

Quads of War player awards:

Sonics Rampage: Best Jammer

Swifty Fool: MVP

Mugs and Kisses: Best Blocker

Vice Quad player awards:

Matt Lovin: MVP

Lion O Yeah: Best Blocker

Shades of Grey: Best Jammer

Bristol Harbour Harlots B v Roller Derby Porto

Port recently played Blackland and came away with 157 to 97 win. Harlots B were aiming to end Porto’s run.


Bloodrunner started at jammer for porto and Sno Angel for Harlots B in the opening jam. Sno Angel noted 4 points before calling the the play. Harlots employed some clever sweep clearing of Porto’s blocks. Harlots B 23, Porto 6.

One the next play Porto got a power play as the Bristol jammer was penalised. Porto now ticked the score over to 30 against Harlots 23. Ophelia Pain went on a tear in the next power play that went Bristol’s way picking up 25 points. Harlots B were starting to find their stride.

By jam 10 the score was 78 points to 30 for Bristol Harbour Harlots B.


Bristol’s rehearsed teamwork shone in breaking down Porto’s blocking. With nine and a half minutes left in the first, Bristol reached 100. It seemed as though Porto’s jammers would be the greyhound to Bristol’s hare as they often found themselves chasing Bristol points scorers around the track.


Big Jo Highwheels matched up against Ophelia Pain in jam 17 with a familiar pattern of a Harlots skater emerging from the pack in the lead.


Hap Hazard was light on her feet as jammer as the first period neared it’s end. After the 22 jams of the first period the Harlots led 151 to 39.

Second period:

The intensity increased in the second period with more players hitting the deck early. Porto wanted to let Bristol Harbour Harlots know they were still in a game.

Bristol however, were scoring easily and with only 9 minutes gone in the second, Bristol were up 191 to 48.


Porto were making use of the star pass to try and mix things up for the Harlots’ defence, but they could only collect 4 points with the latest attempt.

Porto made the best of a power play in jam 31 to score 15 points to chip away at Bristol’s lead. Bristol Harlots B 198, Roller Derby Porto 71.


Porto chose Guerrilla Jay and Harlots used White Riot in the jammer position for jam 36. It was as short lived jam with the score after 205 Harlots, 85 to Roller Derby Porto.


Pain By Numbers 123 showed great blocking skills for Bristol, and in some plays was the deciding factor in slowing Porto’s attack.

Bloodrunner was slick in attack for Porto in jam 41, scoring 20 points and slipping by the Harlots blockers.

Bristol Harbour Harlots B never looked in an danger during this bout although Porto had come to play, and play hard.


At the final whistle the score was Bristol Harbour Harlots B 236, Roller Derby Port 133.

Bristol Harbour Harlots B vs Roller Derby Porto Player awards:

Porto player awards:

Tetsuo: Best blocker

AnnieWhere: Best Jammer

Bllodrunner: MVP

Harlots player awards:

Hattie Flattener: Best blocker

White Riot: Best jammer

Petra Bomb: MVP

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