Worcester 50/50 Throwdown

May 25, 2013 in Audio, Crossfit, Midlands

There was a big queue at the outdoor registration table at the Ryland Centre Athletics Track in Bromsgrove. Everything today was going to be outdoors for the Worcester 50/50 Throwdown. Teams are equally composed of men and women which gives the event it’s name. Four in a team for the main competition, and two in masters teams.
The first WOD was amended to a 10 minute amrap of walking lunge, kettlebell sprint out and back for weight moved over 10 meters for the lunges and a 30 meter course for the kettlebell sprint.

Midway through the first heat the time limit was amended to 8 minutes. Athletes could select the weight from 10-30kg plates for the lunges and 24kg and 16kg kettlebells for the run.


Competitors reported bursting thighs from the lunges, which took it’s toll and slowed some competitors. Teams discovered a smart strategy of aiming to carry 30kg on the lunges to help rack up the score.


After the teams, the masters stepped up for their heats. The team of U.C.I.V had only met the morning of the event, but were already setting the pace for the other masters pairings to chase.



WOD 2 saw 8 minutes of 10m shuttle runs, abmat sit ups, down ups and kettle bell swings (24kg for the men, 16kg for women). Each athletes had one station for a minute and then rotated to the next station. This was truly a gasser, with no opportunity to rest unless the athlete decided.




The kettlebells and sit ups were the areas where teams could pick up reps and build good scores.


After the masters had tackled WOD 2 there was a break for lunch and the set up of the next test. There was even half time entertainment from Laura Summers, performing an outstanding trick skipping routine.

P1070134 P1070138

After WOD 2:
10th Second City Gamma
9th F**k Thrusters
8th CF 1664 Unselfishness
7th Sonic Goats
6th CF P360
5th CF Avon Special Forces
4th CF Colchester B
3rd Devils Reject
2nd Awesome 4some
1st CF Colchester A


6th Team Chunky
5th Dentonater Delta Force
4th Poge Mahone
3rd R.E.D
2nd Second City MU
1st U.C.I.V

WOD 3 was billed as a skills WOD. A three rep max power clean, lateral jump for height, ball toss for distance and 20, 40, 60 sprints with the return leg ran backwards. Double unders were counted throughout this work out.


P1070147 P1070151 P1070161 P1070167 P1070172 P1070177 P1070204 P1070208 P1070275
As the masters teams had two members, competitors in this category were asked to pick two disciplines for WOD 3.

P1070278 P1070280 P1070285 P1070310 P1070311

With WOD 3 in the books, the teams that made the cut were announced:

Top 15:

Awesome 4some
Colchester A
CF Avon Special Forces
Sonic Goats
Devils Rejects
CF P360
Colchester B
1664 Unselfish
Will Power Fitness
1664 Courage
Happy Birthday Glen
F**k Thrusters
Not Fast Just Furious

Top 5 Masters:

Set Delta
Team Chunky
Second City

The teams that made the cut had WOD 4 to contend with.

80 thrusters, 80 pull ups, 60 meter firemans carry, 60 thrusters, 60 pull ups, 60 meter firemans carry, 40 thrusters, 40 pull ups and 60 meter firemans carry.

P1070337 P1070343

In heat 2, 1664 came home first, quickly followed by Colchester and P360.

P1070345 P1070346 P1070347 P1070348 P1070349 P1070350
Heat 3 was owned by AwesomeFoursome, with Colchester A in second and Avon special forces in third.

P1070385 P1070418 P1070443

The masters athletes now had their final, which was an adapted WOD 4 of 40, 30 and 20 thrusters and pull ups with a 30 meter fireman’s carry after the pull ups. U.C.I.V were in imperious form, as Second City tried their best to catch the day old pairing.

P1070549 P1070552 P1070555

Masters results:
1st U.C.I.V
2nd Second City CF
3rd Team Chunky

Now it was down to the final event of the day, and it was one which didn’t allow any team member to hide.

Final announced:
50m burpee broad jump
20 t2b (each team member)
100m run
20 clean & jerk (each team member) (50/35kg)
100m run
20 snatch (each team member) (40/40kg)
100m run
10 bear complex (each team member) (40/30kg)
50 meter wheel barrow

Paul Woolls explains the next WOD

The finalists for the last test of the day were:

Awesome 4some
Sonic goats
Devils reject
Colchester A
1664 Courage

CF Avon Special Forces just missed out on the final by 9 seconds which showed how tight the competition had been all day.

P1070588 P1070597 P1070611
As the final progressed it turned into a two horse race between Awesome 4some and Colchester A. The bear complex was the deciding factor and Awesome 4some pulled away in the 50 meter wheel barrow.

P1070641 P1070669
Masters podium, U.C.I.V take top spot

Team podium, Awesome 4some are victorious

1st Awesome 4some
2nd Colchester A
3rd Devils Reject
4th Sonic Goats
5th 1664 Courage

It was lucky that the weather turned out for the event, but there was no luck involved in coming up with the idea for the Worcester 50/50 Throwdown. An outdoor event that is unique and great fun, while opening the door to those new to competing. If you get the chance, try it out.

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